Posted 09th April 2018


Limescale build-up on drinker cups and inside the drinker

pipe creates an ideal environment for biofilm to attach itself and grow. This
then encourages both bacteria and viruses to feed upon and readily multiply.
The result being both disease and growth problems with the poultry which has a knock-on

effect on the profitability of the farm.

The limescale build -up is a problem that the poultry industry has tried to solve in the past with limited success. Today, where nipple drinkers are more common the process of cleaning is more difficult. This is mainly due to the number of cups and the difficulty to remove the pipe. Unfortunately, this is a problem that is lived with due to the pressures on farm turnaround.

The image highlights the problem faced by poultry farmers as the drinker is an ideal place for dust and debris to attach itself to. Leaking nipples or wrong water pressure means the cups collect water and often the poultry drink from the cup and not the nipple. This increases the risk of cross contamination which leads to possible disease challenges.

A solution to this above is offered by Biolink in the way of their CupShine Descaler. Derek Gray, Biolink Co-owner comments on CupShine “It offers rapid limescale removal and has a strong descaling action. It is specially formulated for use on drinker systems and has high foaming properties to maximize contact time.”

The image to the left shows the results when applied and left for 30 minutes using a Knapsack directly to the drinker cups. When applied it foams and gives a cling effect, with the result being limescale free and a clean and new looking cup. Derek further comments “We recommend using a Knapsack to get the right amount of foam and the desired effect as can be seen in the image. A pressure washer can be used, however, it is worth noting that to get the same effect several applications are needed over a period.”

So CupShine used on your drinker cups can reduce limescale, thus eliminating disease and ensuring you have a healthy and profitable stock.

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