Platinum Programme

The Platinum Programme offers a PROFITABLE SOLUTION to your biosecurity needs

As food safety is at the forefront of everyone’s minds it is essential that Biolink can provide you with a programme that is compliant and meets your biosecurity needs.

The Platinum Programme is the starting point for all farms when reviewing their poultry health and biosecurity procedures.

It is our focus to ensure you receive the best solution possible and this programme enables you to work on safe, high performing and profitable farms.

The key focus of the Platinum Programme is cleaning and disinfection, complemented with excellent water treatment solutions. With the additional benefit of vitamin support, with the Platinum Programme you can ensure your poultry are given the best support and strong protection for healthy growth.

Increased profits through improved performance

Increased profits through improved performance

Bi-oo-cyst farm trial

The versatility of Bi-oo-cyst offers you the first product that will not only disinfect, but at the same time reduce coccidiosis all in one simple operation.

Bi-oo-cyst helps reduce infection pressure in farms. Combined with anti-coccidia treatment, it enables exposure levels to be managed and production performance to be significantly increased.

Bi-oo-cyst has been effectively tried and tested on farms and is an essential aspect of its safety programme.

The results were as follows:

  • The poultry were healthier and more productive
  • The farm benefits through greater efficiency and profitability
  • With use it builds up a residual layer and protection for future batches
  • As the poultry get bigger you start to see the difference
Bi-oo-cyst farm trial

Proven farm example

Proven farm example diagram

The programme has been successful for many of our customers, however the Platinum Programme gives you the chance to make it bespoke to meet your individual farm needs. We work with you to put the right programme together.

Our Biosecurity technical advisors will help you

  1. 1. Review your farm
  2. 2. Plan your Programme
  3. 3. Liaise with key parties
  4. 4. Monitor & measure
  5. 5. Measure ongoing effectiveness
  6. 6. Evaluate the programme & results
  7. 7. Re-evaluate the programme
  8. 8. Continuously recommend

Combined effect of the recommended disinfectants

Table to highlight the effect of two of our leading disinfectants

This table highlights the effect of two of our leading disinfectants. Platinum programme implementation comes at little cost when compared to the costs associated with a disease outbreak.

Platinum Programme results 10 million bird study

Platinum Programme results 10 million bird study

Maintaining the excellent health of poultry flocks is the primary objective of any producer since a healthy flock is usually a profitable flock.

Sales advisor

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Our Biosecurity Advisors give quality advice to offer you the right product and ensure it's applied the right way.