Poultry Biosecurity

Blast Off

Key points

  • Exceptional degreasing properties
  • Unrivalled wetting agent to penetrate through organic matter
  • Reduces cleaning time and water usage
  • Low foam formula

General properties

Blast Off has been specifically designed to meet the difficult cleaning demands of a modern livestock building. Used as a prewash this heavy duty cleaner can be applied via an orchard sprayer or by conventional power wash equipment.

Blast Off is a blend of low foaming powerful surfactants and wetting agents, suitable for all types of livestock housing.

Instructions for use

Blast Off should be applied via an orchard sprayer or a power washer set at 2000 psi. at a dilution rate of 1:50 - 1:200 depending on level of soiling. It may be applied cold or at temperatures up to 60°C.

Suitable for

Poultry, Pigs, Game birds, Cattle, Horses

Pack size

25 litre, 200 litre & 1000 litre.

Safety data sheets

Blast Off SDS


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Blast Off

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