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Game Bird Biosecurity


RedStim, an innovative nutritional solution sprayed onto the feed to boost chick start.

Key points

  • Better feed intake
  • Better feed intake hydration chick
  • Improved early growth
  • Improved performance at the slaughter age
  • Improved feed efficiency


  • Weigh 2.5 kg of RedStim powder
  • Premix 2.5 kg of RedStim powder in 10 litres of warm water in a bucket
  • Stir for a few seconds
  • Transfer the contents of the bucket into the sprayer
  • Spray RedStim directly onto the feed

Instructions for use

RedStim has to be sprayed directly on the feed just prior the arrival of the chicks. (no longer than 90 mins before tipping) One 5 kg bag of RedStim mixed with 20 litres of water sprayed on the feed for every 15,000 chicks.

Suitable for

Poultry, Game birds

Related document

Download RedStim.pdf


Tags: poultry , game birds


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