Swine Biosecurity


Key points

  • Biolink Solulyte is a specific complementary blend of electrolytes designed for strategic use in poultry and Swine, to optimise water consumption and to supply essential body salts
  • Helps optimise water consumption
  • Supplies essential body salts

General properties

A complementary feeding stuff for swine and poultry, containing vitamins, minerals and electrolytes to help reduce the risk of, or alleviate the effects of heat stress during periods of increased environmental temperature.

Instructions for use

Dilute 1000ml of Biolink Solulyte in 500 litres of drinking water. Do not use undiluted and do not keep treated water for longer than necessary. For animal use only.

Suitable for

Poultry, Pigs

Pack size

‚Äč5 litres


Tags: swine , poultry


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