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Sano-o2 is a broad-spectrum disinfectant effective against bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoa, algae and spores

Key points

  • 1st chlorine dioxide disinfectant in easy-to-use effervescent tablet form
  • Effective in all types of water
  • Leaves no flavour or odour in the water
  • Non corrosive for equipment

General properties

CHLORINE DIOXIDE boasts a highly selective action, enabling it to be used at low doses and making it more active in water with a high organic matter content. SANO-O2 is a product approved for organic agriculture in compliance with regulation (EC) N° 834/2007.

Instructions for use

Continuous water disinfection (PT5)

1 sachet treats up to 50m3; 1 tablet therefore treats up to 400L. Keep any unused tablets in a well-sealed bag protected form any source of moisture. The objective is to obtain a concentration of 1 ppm at the dosing pump outlet and 0.3 to 0.5 ppm at the end of the line. Dosing pump: Depending on the settings of your dosing pump, prepare the stock solution according to the tables below.

Suitable for

Poultry, Pigs, Game birds, Cattle, Horses

Pack size

Tub of 8 sachets, 125 tablets per sachet. Total weight 4kg (1000 tablets)

Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

Safety data sheets

Sano-O2 SDS


Tags: poultry , pigs , horses , game birds , cattle


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