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Caring for your backyard poultry

Stop peck

Prevents feather pecking and bullying. Biolink’s Stop Peck has been carefully formulated to modify the behaviour of aggressive poultry.

Key points

  • Effective solution to prevent cannibalism, feather pecking and antisocial behaviour
  • Food Safe
  • Non Tainting
  • Cost Effective

General properties

Often there is one bird that is at the bottom of the pecking order and is bullied by the other birds. This can range from feather pecking to the more extreme cases of cannibalism and eventual death.


Biolink’s Stop Peck should be sprayed on the affected area of the victim, the formulation is so unpalatable that within a few days the aggressor stops harassing the victim.

Continue using the product for 7 days to ensure the antisocial behaviour does not return.

Suitable for


Pack size

250ml ready to use trigger spray

Safety data sheets

Stop Peck SDS


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Stop peck

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