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Platinum Programme

Platinum Programme

Over the last two years, Biolink has worked to achieve the highest industry standards in biosecurity, whilst still achieving a sizeable return. The driving force behind this work is our “Platinum Programme”. The Platinum Programme is a terminal disinfection programme consisting of three stages. BioTurbo Plus, high foaming powerful detergent which is also capable of removing calcium from drinkers without using acid, BioShield P, the best balance of glutaraldehyde and quaternary ammonium and Bi-oo-Cyst, one of the most powerful phenolic disinfectants on the market.

The table below shows that the use of Bi-oo-Cyst and BioShield P in the same programme covers every type of disease challenge faced by a poultry farmer.

The key to the success of this programme is not just the total coverage of all poultry diseases but the development of using Bi-oo-Cyst every time in the terminal disinfection programme. Historically Bi-oo-Cyst would be used once or twice a year during the worst cocci challenge season at a 1-30 dilution. However, the aim of the Platinum Programme is not to eliminate cocci in the shed but just to reduce the challenge to the bird. Cocci is always present, the coccidiastat in the feed ensures the bird survives a cocci infection but, as farmers know, the growth plane nearly always slow down during the typical cocci challenge period (day 20-28). Using Bi-oo-Cyst at even 1% reduces that challenge meaning you are feeding the bird to grow and not wasting energy fighting the challenge.

In a recent 10 million bird study over multiple crops and farms Biolink have shown an average 30 point lift in EPEF.

The Platinum Programme is now rapidly being adopted by broiler farmers across the country showing a constant lift in performance on even the best performing farms.

If you are not already using the Platinum Programme please contact us and set up a trial to prove it to yourself. With this kind of return on investment you can’t afford to ignore it!